Homemade potato crisps

Severe migraine attacks can impede your daily routines over and over again and those who suffer from migraine know how it feels. It’s like the inside of your brain is pushing itself out through your eyes. Unfortunately there are not many ways to prevent it, simply because there isn’t just one thing that triggers it. However, one of those triggers finds it origin in food. Research has shown that several ingredients such as additives (E-numbers) like flavour enhancers may have an impact on your nervous system which consequently triggers a migraine attack. This has been the case for me once I found out that 90% of my migraine attacks were triggered after eating crisps which, needless to say, contains a lot of E621. So I stopped eating them immediately after my discovery and the frequency of my attacks have gone down at least 80%. It is healthy as well since you’re not snacking so much late at night. However there are times I find myself in front of the TV in desperate need of a tasty crunch. I’ve always loved crisps so I decided to make them myself: relatively healthy crisps with no nasty additives and you can season it with your favourite flavours! Here’s how:
Ingredients for 4 persons:
1kg potatoes
garlic powder16485_10207853676685656_9187316045841841792_n
spices of choice
– Peel the potatoes.
– Wash the potatoes.
– Slice the potatoes with a cheese slicer.
– Wash them and let them dry on some paper towel.
– Fire up the frying pan and add a handful of dried potato slices. Make sure you do not add too much at once or else they might stick together. Use a metallic skimmer in case they are getting stuck.
– Get them out after 1-2 minutes and let them drip over some new 11889664_10207853676565653_4521084522595687213_npaper towel.
– Continue this routine until all potato slices have been deep-fried and dried.
– Add them in a big bowl.
– Make a mixture of some pepper, salt, garlic and add any spice of your choice (you can go Italian with some basil, oregano and parsley or go Asian with ginger, chili and lemongrass)
– Pour the mixture over the crisps, close the bowl and shake so your spices divide evenly.11902536_10207853676165643_1403828065943448555_n
– As these homemade crisps are without additives, I’d like to advise you to eat them within a few hours before they start getting soft. (Should you have a solution for this, please contact me)

2 thoughts on “Homemade potato crisps

    1. Thanks for your reply! Normally I only make these, knowing they will be consumed immediately. I’ve conserved them one time, covering the bowl with foil, with as little oxygen as possible. I refuse to add any kind of additives though.


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