Tagliatelle al pesto genovese

For 4 individuals

4 slices of Italian prosciutto (or simply leave it out if you’re a vegetarian) CAM01264
1 leek
2 onions
4 garlic cloves
300 g spinach
pine nuts
500 g tagliatelle
200 g pesto genovese
125 ml cream
olive oil

– Stir-fry the spinach until it has completely shrunk. Put it aside.
– Roast the pine nuts for a few minutes. Put them aside.
– Cut the onion, garlic and prosciutto into pieces and fry them in abundant olive oil.
– Cut the leek into pieces and add to the pan.
– Add the pine nuts and spinach.
– Add the pesto and the cream
– Add a little bit of olive oil to the mixture and stir well and let it simmer on a low heat.
– Cook the tagliatelle al dente in salted boiling water.
– Mix it together.

Serving suggestion: Add Parmesan cheese flakes.


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