Crispy chicken club sandwich

Ingredients for 2 individuals:
4 pieces of bread
2 crispy chicken burgers
200 g lettuce
olive oil
curry ketchup
mayonaise (preferably with olive extract)
2 egg


– Cut the tomato, onion and cucumber in tiny bits and add to the lettuce in a bowl. If you prefer fried onions, cut the onion in rings and fry them and add them to the salad.
– Fry the bacon until crispy.
– Fry the crispy chicken burgers in the remaining bacon fat.
– Toast all pieces of bread.
– Rub a clove of garlic on the toasted bread to make garlic bread.
– Once the crispy chicken burgers are done, keep them warm in some aluminium foil.
– Bake 2 eggs.
– Add plenty of curry ketchup and mayonaise on one side of a piece of bread. Feel free to chose any kind of sauce: garlic or sweet chili will do just fine!
– Add salad on top of it, followed by the chicken burger. Add a new layer of salad, then add the bacon and egg and finish with a piece of bread.
– Repeat these steps for multiple club sandwiches.

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