For 5 wraps / pita bread 200 g falafel 5 tortilla wraps / pita bread 1 red onion tomatoes 1 red bell pepper lettuce 250 g Greek yoghurt 1 lemon pepper salt parsley Harissa / hot sauce / chili powder Preparation – Dice all the vegetables, you can add or remove any type of vegetable, according to your preferences. – Fry the falafel according to … Continue reading Falafel

Kefta Shakshuka Tajine

For 2 individuals 2 Ciabatta loafs 300 g minced meat (lamb) 1 onion 1 big garlic clove 3 eggs breadcrumbs parsley salt pepper curry (powder) garlic powder 1 Mina Shakshuka Note: Mina Shakshuka will be available in stores across Europe later on. Normally I don’t do ready-to-use sauces as they tend to contain all kinds of nasty additives. Mina, however, is an exception: their products are … Continue reading Kefta Shakshuka Tajine

Svenska köttbullar med potatismos, inlagd gurka och gräddsås

Hej hej! In april 2015 I visited Stockholm and I ate this traditional Swedish recipe which caused immediate mouthgasms. Never ever in my life have I eaten that slowly in order to enjoy the best Swedish meatballs in all of Sweden for as long as possible. I did my best to shut down all other senses just so I could taste the perfection to its … Continue reading Svenska köttbullar med potatismos, inlagd gurka och gräddsås